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«PR Gage (prgage.com)» - efficient promotion of applications and accessory for iPhone/iPad

Website owners from all over the world look forward to see information about your product!

• LOTS OF COUNTRIES! PRgage.com service will let the World know about your application along with other products for iPhone/iPad. All you need is to fill out our application form (name and description of your application, developer, home page of application and its developer, etc.) in the language at your option (English, French, German, Russian, etc.) and we will help you to place your ad at lots of World websites and blogs addressing to editors and owners. Most iPhone/iPad users speak different languages and live in different countries (USA, China, Japan, Germany, France, etc.) visiting popular blogs and websites they got accustomed to.

• LOTS OF LANGUAGES! And certainly the main mission is to get your message across to users in the language they speak. That’s why using only one language in your press release or in PR campaign you obviously restrict communication to a limited group of people. This problem can be easily solved with the help of our unique service: TRANSLATION MARKET (www.maketranslation.com). Both products are interconnected and provide you with opportunity to make yourself known using different languages for a wide Internet audience, which as we all know has no limits!

• ONE SINGLE APPLICATION FORM! We fill out a certain amount of contact forms per day on websites according to your application and after it’s finished we provide you with an archive of screenshots of forms we’ve completed in order to confirm the work done. Such scheme helps us to attract more and more partners (website owners) who will advertise your application!

  Advantages of PRgage.com?  
Only 230$ for placement at 486 websites dedicated to iPhone contained in our database.

Just imagine how much precious time it will take you to find popular websites related to the topic you need in different languages, to register and to fill out tons of application forms.

Indeed each contact form has lots of fields to be filled in, and you have to understand the meaning of each field (application name, name of developer representative, etc.), to enter symbols from CAPTCHA in order you were not treated as a spammer and lots of other specific questions.

We’ve accumulated broad experience in this problem and know how to help you!
If at least one half of websites approves and places information about your application, and there two and more users download your product you will make profit!

And according to our statistics our clients make triple profit !

We also develop applications for iPhone/iPad applications, that’s why we use PRgage.com for our own projects, and certainly help our partners.

We’re satisfied with our profit from iPhone/iPad application development and especially with the statistics of payoff from their Internet promotion.
Information on your application (ad announcement) passes directly from our hands to hands of moderators and owners of iPhone/iPad related websites.

We’ve accumulated a database of such websites analyzing their work in different countries, negotiating and building partnership relations with lots of project leaders.

And day by day this database increases! That’s why filling out contact forms of such websites, indicating all required information we know that your application ad announcement will be surely read by website administrators and moderators.