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Live ABC
In the animated and narrated book Live Alphabet, the youngest readers will be introduced to their ABCs in a fun and entertaining way! Every letter reveals a cartoon with characters that your children will love. Here, you can meet a giraffe; drive an airplane; try different outfits on a doll or different mustache on a gentleman; learn how to make magic with a common jar; or what came first: the hen or the egg? Also we are proud to present a big poster Live Alphabet with these letters and pictures. You are welcome to download it for printing.Here children can learn ABC song, in the course of which every letter jumps in turn when pronounced. Children easily associate sound with letters, so it is practically a karaoke for those who are still unable to read.

Navigation between pages is realized either by horizontal scrolling, or by pressing the necessary image of letter. The application features convenient format: you can keep your device horizontally or vertically.

Live ABC HD offers children 26 pages matching the number of the alphabet letters. All pages are interactive. With some letters, mini games are offered for kids by the authors, quite comprehensible in this age but still entertaining so that even adults would play them with pleasure. For example, playing xylophone (either play or use prompting signal, in which case the kid can easily perform three famous kid’s songs).

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* Category: Education
* Updated: Nov 18, 2011
* Version: 1.1
* Size: 41.6 MB
* Language: English
* Seller: Oleg Shadrin
* © ThirdBirdParty! @ Oxana Grivina
* Rated 4+