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Workdays app - calendar for a shift worker
- Are you free next sunday?

- Oh... I have sophisticated rota schedule... Let me count...

- You don't need to! You will see instantly what's waiting for you on any day in the future: work or day off. There is no need to count days anymore.

Workdays app is the shift work patterns visualizer. Rota schedules may have any complexity with no dependence on weekdays. The app has convenient graphic constructor where you place day-, night-, 24-hour shifts and days off in any order within the maximum work cycle length of 3 months. There can be 4 different shifts a day.

For example: complex cycle "2 work days + day off + work night + 2 days off + 3 work days + 2 days off + work night + 2 days off". Or simple cycle "2 work days + 2 days off". Any shift pattern can be entered and used!

The app calculates your rota schedule and shows the convenient calendar where work day-, night- and other shifts, days off, leaves, medical days, vacations, business trips and overtime jobs have different color backgrounds and icons, so you will quickly see what is waiting for you in any determined day in the future.

For example, your friends invited you to a barbecue on Sunday two weeks from today. You would open the Workdays app and quickly realize that this Sunday is your work day. So you can't go with them.

The program automatically sets reminders and alarms to wake you up before the work shifts. Reminders are placed for 50 upcoming work shifts each time you open the app or change its preferences.

The app calculates monthly and yearly statistics of your business - number of different shifts, work hours and your salary.

The program takes official holidays in account and shifts your work schedule automatically. You can edit the holidays list.

Day types can be changed manually in case they stand out of your work schedule. The program remembers all your leaves, medicals, vacations, business trips and overtime jobs.

In preferences you can enter the work schedule details, and change all the colors - text, headers, dayshifts, nightshifts and days off. The instant preview is available while you are making changes.

3D mode makes your calendar look even better.

The work calendar shows your events and appointments and allows to create and edit them. In addition it has week numbers which can be very useful for business.

If you like the app, please rate it in Appstore and write your wish-list. This really helps to improve it.

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* Category: Productivity
* Updated: Dec 12, 2013
* Version: 3.1
* Size: 16.6 MB
* Languages: English, Russian
* Seller: Radislav Khayretdinov
* © 2011-2013 Radislav
* Rated 4+